The development of our company is based on a professional team of employees. It is the key value of Przedsiębiorstwo AGAT SA.

We employ competent and highly qualified engineering and technical staff. It has at its disposal specialised and modern technical and measuring equipment, own design office, measurement and start-up sections, and its own transport facilities. Our employees have the necessary construction, supervision and measurement permissions to work with all types of voltage in the power industry.

The company attaches great importance to the continuous training of its employees, organises courses to supplement their knowledge and skills. Our staff attends numerous symposia and thematic conferences.

In addition to ensuring the best possible working conditions, we try to create a good atmosphere in the team through various types of integration activities. We organise, among others, open-air event MAY PICNIC WITH AGAT, meeting CHRISTMAS SOCIAL EVENT WITH AGAT, bicycle rallies, shooting competitions and other forms of activity.

Thanks to these activities, we can create a team of committed employees, dedicated professionals to whom we owe our successes and the satisfaction of our customers.

Christmas Social Event with Agat 2020
May Picnic with Agat 2019
25th anniversary of AGAT SA