Since many years, Przedsiębiorstwo AGAT SA has been actively participating in many charity projects for the local community.

Our activities include for instance:

  • Sponsoring the Special School and Educational Centre in Koluszki
  • Sponsoring approx. 10 thousand lunches per year for children from the poorest families.
  • Supporting the PCK [The Polish Red Cross], The Polish Diabetes Association, and The Polish Society for Fighting Disability
  • Tending to the centre for military orphans whose fathers died in peacekeeping missions or in accidents at training grounds
  • Patronage over the camp centre in Bieszczady (financial support and expansion)
  • Participation in designing the Museum and Conference Centre of the Military Ordinate of the Polish Army
  • Supporting the Military Institute of Medicine Hospital in Warsaw since 25 years
  • Financial support for organising the Days of Koluszki and festivals organised by the Starosty Office
  • Supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
  • Sponsoring of trainings with Mariusz Wlazły
  • Sponsoring the third league men’s volleyball team KKS Koluszki in 2007-2010
  • Sponsorship of football tournaments
  • Annual support for the KKS Koluszki club
  • Cooperation and sponsorship of events held at schools and dance clubs
  • Participating in publishing books and publications with scientific, cognitive and didactical values